The Warrior's Way

From the streets of inner cities to the most isolated deserts and mountains, men of all ages are fighting a war waged against them both physically and spiritually. Like Christ, a Kingdom Warrior dons his spiritual armor on a daily basis, marches forward facing the battles of life, and seeks to deliver captives of darkness, so they too can become warriors of light. 





The Warriors Way - Education and Training Series

A 21st Century Discipleship Curriculum for Men

   Are you a Kigndom Warrior?  (NOTE: We are revising this series into 6 week studies that include podcasts)


The Warrior Way
Boot Camp
 The Warrior Character
The Warrior Mission
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The Warrior Way

The Warrior Character

The Warrior Mission



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  The Warrior Way - Boot Camp The Warrior Character - Purity The Warrior Mission - Strategy
    1   Enlist Your Service  1   Live by the Spirit 1 Know the Enemy
  2 Pray to the CMDR in Chief 2 Pursue Holiness 2 Recognize the Trinity   
  3 Ask for Forgiveness 3 Practice Godliness 3 Preach a True Gospel
  4 Achieve Spiritual Victory 4 Imitate Christ's Humility 4 Sow God's Word
  5 Abide in the Kings Presence 5 Acclaim Christ's Supremacy 5 Work Wholeheartedly
  6 Fellowship with the Kings Men    6 Fix Your Eyes on Jesus 6 Live by Faith
  The Warrior Way - Training The Warrior Character - Manhood      The Warrior Mission - Tactics
  1 Seek God's Kingdom 1 Do the Right Thing 1 Fish for Men
  2 Share Your War Story 2 Love Like a Man 2 Serve Others
  3 Support the War 3 Develop Godly Relationships      3 Help People in Need
  4 Count the Cost 4 Reside in God's Will 4 Seek the Lost
  5 Obey God's Marching Orders 5 Watch Your Tongue 5 Develop World Vision
  6 Worship the Victorious King 6 Be a Godly Man   6   Wage Lifetime Warfare          











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