October 13, 2012

Iron Sharpens Iron  Proverbs 27:17
As Iron Sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another


Puyallup, WA

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Morning Keynote Message
*Morning Equipping Seminars by

vincedVince D’Acchioli is the founder and president of On Target Ministries, a Christian outreach to men, pastors, and couples. In the past decade, Vince’s seminars, workshops, church services, and so forth have touched the lives of people across the United States and Canada.

In addition to being a gifted speaker for many secular and Christian organizations, Vince is known as a stimulating presenter. His sense of humor and dynamic motivational approach enable him to effectively communicate the principles of practical discipleship and balanced spirituality at home, work, church and community. For more information visit  www.ontargetinstitute.org/

(13-19) The First Person You Lead
Kyle O'Hagan - Middle School Youth Leader - Bethany - Puyallup, WA
(20-29) Are You Stuck in the Muck
Jarret Clark - Celebrate Recovery - Enumclaw, WA
Are Your Men's Small Groups Life Changing or Time Wasting
Brad Stewat - President - Kingdom Warrior - Buckley, WA
Giving What it Takes
Clebe McClary - Author/Speaker - McClary Inc.- Pawley's Island, SC
Empowered: What The Bible Says About Being A Man
Presenter? - Representative - Logos Bible Software - Bellingham, WA
What's Next
Steve Altmeyer - President - Chosen to Lead - Spokane, WA
Mission Integrity: A Proven Plan for Purity
Bill Perkins - President - A Million Mighty Men - West Linn, Or
The Power of a Praying Husband
Dick Boyle - Director - Capstone Ministries - Puyallup, WA
Afternoon Keynote Message *Afternoon Equipping Seminars by

clebeClebe McClary is a motivational speaker who travels across American with his message of courage and determination. While completing his 19th reconnaissance mission in Vietnam, Lt McClary was critically wounded during an enemy ambush. Clebe's bravery and leadership under fire resulted in his being presented the Silve Star and the Bronze Star by the President of the United States. Although Clebe suffered the traumatic loss of an eye and arm, and was later told he would never walk again, he didn't lose the will to overcome his circumstances. Clebe McClary continuse his service today in the Lord's Army. His life genuinely embodies teh vow he took when entering the Marines: For him, USMC will always mean U.S. Marine for Christ. For more information visit http://clebemcclary.com/
(Pastors) Six Instrutional Elements of Effective Churches
 Vince D'Acchioli - President - On Target Institute - Monument, CO
(13-19) Building a Fire Within
Jeff Conti, Director, Quest Adventure, Enumclaw, WA
(55+) Grandfathering, Seasoned Warriors in Action
Ross Holtz - Senior Pastor - The Summit - Enumclaw, WA
Finding Your Warrior Strength
Steve McCoy - Author/Speaker - Lake Tapps, WA
Is Your Family Name a Recognizable Brand
Zeke Bambolo -Online Radio Host/Author - Seattle, WA
Building, Sustaining, and Maximizing Your Church Based Men's Ministry
Kyle Schattgen - Director - Knights of the 21st Century - Lebanan, PA
The Jesus Experiment
Bill Perkins - President - A Million Mighty Men - West Linn, Or
I Want to Know More of Jesus
Steve Hall - Author - Seattle, WA
  * Seminars are subject to last minute changes.

  Prices for Iron Sharpens Iron events:
   - Early Registration Group* (at least 10 or more men registering together) $ 39.00 per man
   - Early Registraiton* $ 48.00 per man
   - Student Registration (age 13-22 and full time student) $ 29.00 per man
   - US Miltary Registration (active duty) $ 29.00 per man
   - Standard Registration $ 59.00 per man- Optional Lunch $ 8.00 per man

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* Early Registration means that the registration is received at least TEN days prior to the conference.

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Brad Stewart

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